" Ornamental Armor is stark and minimal, yet delicate. The soft background color and latent forms offset the bold linear drawing work and integrated text."

Ornamental Armor 2009

Latex and acrylic on canvas mounted on four panels, 30.48 x 30.48 cm each



"Poupée Bride represents the ancient deity, bride or courtesan. The figure is regal, adorned with collage strips of textiles, flower clusters and dissected jewelry."

Poupée Bride (Poupées in the Bush series) 2017

Acrylic and decorative paper collage on Rives BFK paper, 76.2 x 55.88 cm


"The carousel-like forms in Pageant of the Bizarre are organic and sensual. Stamps of flower clusters are used to create the appearance of tufts of hair."


 Pageant of the Bizarre 2009

Latex ad acrylic on canvas mounted on panel, 60.96 x 60.96 cm


Vickie Pierre

 Your art is profound. You create art, which gives the viewer space for interpretation. Please give us a short description of your work.

My creative practice is informed and inspired by memory, fantasy, surrealism, popular culture and the decorative and ornamental arts. The resulting work is sensual and whimsical, while focusing on personal identity with references to design and nature, my Haitian heritage and global cultural identities and mythologies. Concurrently, my work considers feminine and historic tropes relative to contemporary cultural politics.


•For example what is your special idea for „Poupée Bride“? Is there something specific this work you would like theo viewer to see and experience?

Poupées in the Bush series is inspired by surrealist artist Hans Bellmer’s provocative deconstructed dolls and photographs. My series exemplifies wild, abstracted femininity, strength and beauty, as well as the underlying interconnectivity that exists between “the she forms” (the biomorphic shapes that represent the black female body, intersected with collaged elements of the natural and contemporary worlds). These otherworldly characters are mistresses and mystical warriors. They are sensual, meandering, roaming creatures that are bejeweled and armored. They walk the earth and sail the seas, speaking different languages. They stand tall in ceremony and dance while lamenting their lost loves to the mysteries of the universe. Alternately, Poupées reference historical pasts real and imagined.


What materials do you use in your collages works?

The collages consist of acrylic paint and clippings from magazines, decorative / gift wrapping papers, rubber stamps imprints of flowers, female Disney characters, animal antlers and horns.


Working on your collages, what is unique to your practice?

In my practice, I make use of period decorative and ornamental art papers, photocopies of images that I personally photograph and print. Sometimes I photograph earlier completed artworks and cut those images up to incorporate within a new work.


Do you have a clear vision prior to making a work or do the materials and process lead you to the final piece?

Both applies. Often the process begins with a single idea or vision, but one work really feeds into the next. There is an overall narrative that is present throughout the works.


What inspires your work?

Inspiration comes from everywhere... the natural world, my Haitian heritage and global cultures, popular culture as well as design and decorative and ornamental objects and jewelry that I collect and use in my assemblages and installation work.


Do you work in series?

Sometimes the works are a part of a series but there is always a continuous, connecting thread that runs through each body of work, whether thru coloration, shapes or theme.


Do you work on multiple bodies of work at the same time or focus on one series until it’s completed, and then begin the next?
I prefer to work on different bodies of work...it keeps me interested and focused, allowing for the crossover of ideas.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working as an artist?

I really enjoy watching movies, all genres, but especially fantasy and science fiction films.


What are your favorite places in Miami?

One of my favorite places is being out in the water, whether it’s within the bays or the ocean.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am continuing with the Poupée series. I really love this body of work and there is more that I want to explore with it. The next phase will be to combine elements of my assemblages, paintings and collage works for a multilayered, dimensional visual experience. I’m also preparing for a large mural in Miami.


Born in Brooklyn, NY / Lives and works in Miami, FL



1993 - 1997 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts


1992 - 1993 Santa Monica Community College, Santa Monica, CA


Solo / Two - Person Exhibitions:

2016 The More I Let Go, The More I Am Home, Curator: Marie Vickles, Little Haiti Cultural Center Miami, FL


2009 If You Win Me, I’m Forever, Art and Culture Center / Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

You Poor, Sweet, Innocent Thing, Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami, FL


2007 Beautiful Collision, Ingalls & Associates, Miami, FL


2006 Queen of My Domain, Ambrosino Gallery, Miami FL


Views From Within: Vickie Pierre and Christian Duran, Curator: Todd Behrens, Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018 Visionary Aponte: Art & Black Freedom, Curators: Edouard Duval Carrié, Tosha Grantham, Ada Ferrer, Linda Rodriguez, Marie Vickles and Laurent Dubois, (Cat.) (Traveling exhibit), King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, New York University, New York, NY; Duke University, Power Plant Gallery, Durham, NC


2017 I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar! Curators: Kathryn Mikesell and Ombretta Agro Andruff, Wynwood, Miami FL

Dual frequency / South Florida Cultural Consortium, Curator: Laura Marsh, Art and Culture Center / Hollywood, Hollywood, FL


2016 All Florida Invitational, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL


2014 Thirty Years on the Road, Curator: Edouard Duval Carrié, ArtCenter South Florida, Miami Beach, FL


2012 Art & Life: The Spirit of Haiti, Curator: Onajide Shabaka, Eissey Campus Art Gallery, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


2011 Woman to Woman, (Cat.), Curators: Margery Gordon, Adriana Herrera and Elisa Turner, Liana Pérez, and Lauren Wagner, Audrey Love Gallery, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL


2010 Boundless Discourse, Curator: Rocio Aranda-Alvarado, Kresge Gallery, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ New Work Miami, Curators: Peter Boswell and Rene Morales, Miami Art Museum (now PAMM), Miami, FL


You can read more on www.vickiepierre.com