"Tread on Me is a large scale collage of reclaimed billboard vinyl, oil paint and my photos printed on found table top glass. Its a commentary on my local environment and high lights the beauty in simplistic signage witch arcs back to Egyptian hieroglyphics."


“Tread on Me”,  2015

Reclaimed billboard vinyl, photo transfer on found glass, steel, oil paint. 72” x  72” x 10” (183 x 183 x 25 cm),
Retail Price $ 8.000


"Random Order is one of the first works that incorporate my painting on found glass as part of the composition."


“Random Order”, 2016

Reclaimed billboard vinyl, photo transfer on found glass, steel, oil paint. 60” x  40” x  6” (152 x 101 x 15 cm)
  Retail Price $ 6.000

"Integrity is from a body of work I produced with Haitian born artist Serge Toussaint."


Integrity, 2015

Oil and acrylic paint on reclaimed billboard vinyl, photo transfer on found glass,

steel, wood stretchers 108 x 80 in. (274.3 x 203.2 cm)

Retail Price $ 8.000

Michael Loveland

Please give us a short description of your work.

For many years I have been exploring the different ways we are presented with information and how we absorb and process it in our daily lives, from hand-painted street signs to high-end corporate AD campaigns seen on billboards as we drive by at 60 mph. I try and find new light and meaning in common and even mundane materials.


You work on paintings, photography and large installations. Do you have a favorite medium?

No, each idea comes to me with its own answers and in turn its best medium to fulfill my need to create and answer those questions. I am quite comfortable with many mediums.


One of your series is titled “Totem”. Tell us about the inspiration behind this work and your choice of materials.

I have been creating “totems” for the past few years. Inspired by the traditional native American totems, I create a linear collection of images and objects to help facilitate a narrative of a moment in time. I use found glass table tops to print my images on as I feel they also bring a human encounter and place to the work.


In your works “Random Order“ and “ Tread on Me “, you combine different mediums and materials. Can you share your process with us?

I am always collecting materials form my surroundings, I fell they say the story better then any drawing or painting could ever tell. I do collage with what ever that may be at the time.


What inspires your work?

The small moments of life.


Is there anything specific to Miami, that influences your work?

Every day in this multicultural land I call home. Inspiration is around every corner.


What do you enjoy doing, when you are not working as an artist?

Well I have been an artist my whole life as far as I can remember so it really never stops or turns off.

But when I am not working in my studio or curating projects, I love traveling with my family. On our small boat in the bay here in Miami or around the world, just spending time and learning with each other.


What are your favorite places in Miami?

Being out side in all natural native nature any were in south FL.

On the water, in the water, watching the water around us. The everglades.

Art places I love to visit would have to be.

PAMM (Pérez Art Museum Miami, pamm.org), all the wonderful mega privet collections around town and Locust Projects (locustprojects.org), an amazing non profit arts space celebrating 20 years of helping artists fulfill their visions.


What are you currently working on?

I have a solo show opening November 16 at Locust Projects for Art Basel week.

Were I am creating all new works to help explain the past 10 years of civic projects I have helped become realities. Such as creating the largest historic designated districts of homes in Miami Dade county. As well working with scientists and city planners to plant all native indigenous plants on all public lands in Historic Palm Grove. This planting project has taken 8 years and is just about complete.



Born in 1973. Lives in Miami, Florida.

To use the eye and passion of my 30 years of artistic experience to create and curate memorable art solutions in public and private places. I try and find new light and meaning in common and even mundane materials by blurring art and architecture. Clients hire me to make artful environments happen, to create and interpret their concept by designing artistic reality. I’m guided by joyful experiences and art within and beyond a traditional frame. Art is the interaction of people with their environment and imagining the possibilities is what inspires me.



Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, 1991-94 (BFA) Graduating Cum laude on a full scholarship.

New York Studio Program, New York City Independent Study, Fall 1993

New World School of the Arts, Miami, FL, 1989-91


Permanent collections

Perez Art Museum of Miami

Brooklyn Art Museum

Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami

Marty Margulies Collection

Many private Collections around the world.


Solo Exhibitions

2018/19 Up coming solo show at Locust Projects. Miami FL. Nov/Jan 2019


2017 Omni Park sculpture installation and design of park layout.

Commissioned by Perez Art Museum, Miami, FL

Sight specific mural at 1010 Brickell property. 125’x25’ collage mural. Permanent collection.

2016 Solo installation of works in public space. Wynwood Art Fair, Miami, FL

2015 “RIP CURRENT” collaboration with Serge Toussaint, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami FL.

2014 “Contain Me” Sound installation as part of 25thAnniversary Show. Diana Lowenstein Gallery.