Painting 1-3 from "Reordenamientos" Series

acrylic on silk on wood, 78x" x 63" (198 x 160 cm)

Retail Price $6.650

"This work belongs to the REORDERING series which is made up of

abstract compositions referenced in urban landscape photographs. for this

series I use a pretty colorful palette,I also use the technique of silkscreen and

acrylic paintings on canvas. It is a quite extensive series in which I am still


Painting 1-60 from "Recording" Series

Acrylic on cancas, 64" x 86" ( 162 x 218 cm)

Retail Price $ 10.000 

"It belongs to a series called SUBURBIA consisting of 12 paintings all of the
same format and the same palette (black and white) I use photographs that I
myself take from different buildings in the cit of Miami processed to be
printed and painted using silkscreen and acrylic paint."

Paintings 3-33 from "Suburbia" Series

Acrylic on canvas

43" x 48,5" ( 110 x 124 cm)

                                                                                                                      Retail Price $ 5.850

TRANSPARENCITY (transparent city) is a series of 18 collages made of
acrylic, resin, duck and masking tape, newspaper and silk on paper mounted
on canvas in a frame. All have the same dimensions

Collage, #260 "x 40“

Retail Price $5.840

Juan Raul Hoyos

Architecture is a constant theme in your work. Do you start with photographs?

The interest I have always had in painting and architecture originates in the same source that my wish to draw near to photography springs from. In fact, the artists who have the strongest influence on my work are photographers or artists who work with photographic images.

The manner in which I have been working in recent years basically consists of manipulating photographic images I myself create, which I then process electronically. The images resulting from this method are then painted or printed with silkscreen frames.


How do you chose the building you use in your work?

Each building has its own calligraphyand what I do is penetrate it until it breaks down to reach abstraction


What is unique to your practice?

My vision


How do you explore cities (= always with the eyes of an artist)?

They are really images of the city, urban landscapes of the place where I find myself. They act as a frame, as ongoing reflections on a life between the domestic and the urban, as a sort of approach to the things which surround me. Like a zoom lens or a movie camera, my vision generally moves between the general and the particular and vice--‐versa, with neither a logical nor a consecutive chronology.


Is there anything specific to Miami that influences your work?

I got to live in Miami in 2001. Since then I have seen the speed that this city is growing. I have been a very attentive witness to this process. In fact, my work is directly referenced to this Miami phenomenon. my work is a constant exploration of this city


You have a very rich and diverse palette. Do you have specific colors you are drawn to or does the work inform the colors you chose?

I think color is part of the vision of each artist I have never seen the color as a problem is part of the work tools depending on the situation you determine what to use,in my case I try to interpret the colors that the city presents us adjusting them to my language.


Your acrylic works are called „Transparencity“. What does this mean?

I have always been attracted to the idea of Transparency, the way of seeing through another surface and perceiving how the appearance of the real image is affected. It allows me to distort apparently urban images until creating a type of abstract decompositions. In addition, in my work I use transparent materials such as silk, velum paper, glass the Term: "TRANSPARENCY: also contains that idea of" HONESTY "the absence of tricks what you see is what there is.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working as an artist?

I like family life, I have a great passion for cooking and I enjoy a lot when I cook for them. Living in Miami offers you to enjoy marine life and also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities


What are your favorite places in Miami?

Downtown Miami is one of my favorite places, I also love going to the beaches of Miami. the neighborhoods of different cultures and their restaurants is something wonderful that this city offers you,Iove Miami in general


What are you currently working on?

I am always working on different projects at the same time. I am working in a installation project that will be presenting in a public space in Downtown Miami this commissioned by Mana. I am also working on a series of paintings as collages integrating different types of textiles, serigraphic prints gold and silver leaf and acrylic inks using sewing machine as a drawing tool


Juan Raul Hoyos
Colombia 1962



Fine Arts National University of Colombia (Medellin 1980-83)



Universidad de Antioquia/ Medellin Colombia “Reordenamientos”/ 2017

Miami Dade Community College / “Architectonical Play ground” 2016

Museum of Modern Art / Medellin Colombia / “Pictografica” /2009

Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery / Miami USA / “I missed the abstract expressionists and I wasn`t here for the

beginning of pop”/ 2008

Galeria Cristopher Paschall / Bogota Colombia / “Sabor Natural”/2008



Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin MAMM / “Contrarrelatos” Curated By Melissa Aguilar / 2017

Mana Contemporary Miami / “The Gloval South” Curated by Aluna Curatorial collective /2016

Aluna Curatorial collective / Miami Usa / “Affective Architectures” 2014

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin / “Reserva Expuesta” 2014

Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca Mexico / MINUS SPACE, Multiple Cultural Venues / 2012

Biblioteca E P M Medellin / “Indice Grafica Urbana” 2012

Alejandra Von Hartz Galleery / Miami USA / “Tridimencional”/2011

Sala Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango Banco de La Republica-Bogota / Salon BBVA 2011‘Ensayos para un

mundo perfecto’ .

FIART Fondo Internacional de las Artes / Madrid España / “122 Reflexiones sobre el tesoro Quimbaya”