"This piece is based off of a commission I did for a restaurant in Wynwood.  I loved the original mural so much that I decided to make a painting in a similar style, accentuating the depth of the woody feeling."


2018, acrylic on canvas,  84" x 72" (213 x 182 cm)

Retail Price $ 7.000


"In this painting, I was motivated to create contrast and reflections from two different images.  I was inspired by the challenge of juxtaposing two different environments in one."


2017, acrylic on linen  34" x 34" (86 x 86 cm)
Retail Price $ 1.800

"This is one of my "tropi-pop" pieces.  It reflects what people think they know about south Florida.  It is inspired by the beauty of light and our daily skies."

2018, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 72" (91 x 182 cm)
Retail Price $ 4.000

"This painting highlights the magnitude of growing from one space the next.  The contrast between the empty canvas and the lush undergrowth forces the viewer to see the power of how far nature can go, of achieving the unlimited."


2017, acrylic on linen, 40" x 40" (101 x 101 cm)
Retail Price $ 3.000.00

Ernesto Kunde

You were born in Brazil and moved to Miami in 2006. You speak often about how inspired you were by Miami. Tell us more about what inspires you.

My inspirations come from my surroundings. In my experience in Miami, I have been very inspired by the architecture and the tropical landscape which lead me back to my roots in Brazil: mangroves and palm trees, the display of the tangled and intertwined root system of the Everglades that in turn represent the relationships I have encountered in my life.


How does working in Miami differ from Brazil?

They both are related. My work is based on my passion for natural surroundings.


And: How does your former work in agriculture influence your art?

Growing up on a farm and working as a farmer, I know the importance of the roots and the shapes in our natural ecosystem. I pay attention to the detail and to the interconnectedness of all living things.


All of your art reflects the nature. What is unique to your practice?

I like to explore colors and contrast in almost a tropi-pop way.


How do you decide where to photograph or are you constantly with a camera in hand?

Yes, I always have my camera with me and I'm always looking at the world with an eye towards painting. It comes naturally to me. As soon as I see something, it reminds me I could make this a painting. I take pictures and go back to my studio to analyze the pictures and determine the best angles and shapes for my canvas. For some of my pieces I zoom in to highlight a particular detail, for others I zoom out. I play with the image. Sometimes, I like it very defined, sometimes more abstract. It is a process with no rules.


Do you have a specific palette with which you work or does the work itself or the environment in which it was taken determine the color?

Not really. The palette has more to do with the mood I am in at the moment.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working as an artist?

I enjoy being with my kids and kayaking and paddle boarding around South Florida.


What are your favorite places in Miami?

I love the ocean and the parks. We are fortunate here to have access to so many beautiful outdoor resources like the Everglades. I feel strongly that we need more commitment from our community to protect these valuable resources. That is one of the reasons I highlight nature in my paintings. I hope to bring increased awareness about the mangroves in particular.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am working on a number of projects. I am in the middle of a public art project for a park in Miami. I have my ongoing work and I'm always looking for the next project or future opportunity.



Ernesto Kunde was born and raised in Paraíso do Sul, Brazil in 1973.  After a brief stint re-discovering his family roots in Germany (where he worked in agriculture in Mosbach), Kunde returned to Brazil in 1995.  There, he continued his work in agriculture and began his artistic journey by experimenting with works on paper: drawings and controlled coffee stains.  In 2006, Kunde moved to Miami, where he found new inspiration in the local environment.  Since then, Kunde has expanded his aesthetic focus into painting on a diverse range of surfaces.  Most recently, Kunde’s work has centered on the tangled landscape of mangroves.  He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone: the vital elements of Miami as a natural and urban biosphere are omnipresent for Kunde, appearing on cuts of canvas, linen, found wood, corrugated aluminum, and stainless steel.

Kunde has been an artist-in-residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex (2012-2015), Sedona Summer Colony (Summer 2016), and Franz Mayer of Munich, Germany (Fall 2016).  He has shown extensively throughout South Florida at venues such as the Boca Raton Museum of Art, the Coral Gables Museum, the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, Miami-Dade College Kendall Gallery, Sardinas Gallery at St. Thomas University, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Arthouse 429 in West Palm Beach and the Little Haiti Cultural Center.  He has exhibited his work during Art Basel Miami (at CONTEXT, SCOPE, and SPECTRUM) since 2012 and Wynwood Art Fair from 2013-2016.